Nann, SC

I have worn virtually every kind of hair system on the market, and this is the one that I don’t want to take off in an hour. It’s so comfortable that I can put it on in the morning and go straight through the day. I can even sleep in it! It’s the best there is. When I go out in public people always compliment me on my beautiful hair. I have one NuTech with bangs and one with a center part without bangs. Either way, the NuTechs always passes inspection and no one knows that I am wearing hair. Jon has a gift and he has used it to help many people with Alopecia. If you are even considering a vacuum, you owe it to yourself to call New Hair Technology. I did and I finally after years of searching, found the type of hair I was looking for.

Sande, CA

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful hairpiece.  The NuTech is everything I’ve been looking for.  I’ve had Alopecia Universalis for 17 years and started wearing the only thing available at that time, synthetic wigs.  I hated them.  About 13 years ago I received one of the first hard based vacuum wigs.

Through the years I have had the opportunity to wear the progression of vacuum hairpieces.  Although I have been thrilled with the mobility of the vacuum pieces, I still hoped for something more comfortable and hopefully more affordable.  I also have had the opportunity over the years, to be involved with other people with Alopecia Areata thru support groups and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.  We all were looking for that new hair piece that would make life more enjoyable.  My new quest began.

That’s where you came in the picture.  After talking with several different manufacturers (who wouldn’t listen) I found you.  Being a caring individual, you have the heart and compassion to want to help the children and adults with Alopecia Areata.  How lucky for us!

Being the critic that I am I set out to put your hairpiece to the test.  I did everything from playing good volleyball (where diving on the floor is my specialty) to riding in the back of a pickup truck, to riding in a speeding boat to even swimming.  I have to say I was very pleased with the results.  It is also very hot where I live and your air vented, pliable material is the most comfortable I’ve worn.

I have had many compliments from people who know I wear a wig and even more from people who don’t.  It’s the most “normal” I’ve felt since I lost my hair.  Strangers have stopped me to tell me what beautiful hair I have.

Thanks again for caring and for delivering such a fantastic hair piece.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  You’re the greatest.

Shannon, TN

Hey Jon!!!  It’s Shannon!!!  I love my hair!!!!  It feels so real and looks it too.  No one at school or anywhere I go, people cannot tell.  I am so happy about that.  My whole life has changed since I have had my NuTech hairpiece, because if I choose not to tell someone about it they won’t know because you can’t tell!!!!

Rebecca, FL

When Rebecca was asked how she likes her new hair she said, “Now I am beautiful outside as well as inside.

Latoya, NY

I wrote this letter to you just to tell you how I feel about my hair.  I love my hair because I can do so many hair styles on my hair that my cousin does on her hair.  My cousins’ name is Stacey.  Sometimes she does my hair when we go to parties.

In the summer I can also go swimming with my hair and it will not fall off, because my mother has some type of hat that she puts on my head so that it won’t fall off.  When people see me and touch my hair they really think it’s my real hair.  I love my hair so much that I can do anything with it and it’s all because of you Jon.

Cari Bickley, Mrs. Washington International 1997

I’ve had many opportunities to wear all different kinds of hair, from synthetic to 100% human.  I have also experienced many types of caps with those hairpieces.  I never really felt that comfortable in any of them.  But the moment that I put on my NuTech vacuum I knew that I had found the best.  It’s comfortable, lightweight, and the best of all it looks like my own hair.  I couldn’t be happier.  I have found NuTech to be the finest vacuum hairpiece I have ever worn.  And I wear it all the time.  I love it!  It feels great, looks great…it is GREAT!  I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the best in a vacuum prosthesis.

Michelle, AL

When I first lost my hair I had never heard of a vacuum style hairpiece that would not come off unless you wanted it to.  I thought that was the best thing because I always feared losing my wig in so many situations.  I love the hairpiece because it feels like my own hair and looks so natural.  I don’t have about my scalp being a different color from my skin because that is the same as well.  I like the versatility in being able to put my hair up, wear it in a ponytail, etc.  I feel so comfortable and at ease knowing that I have a natural look and not a “wiggy” look anymore.  I can’t wait to go to Six Flags so I can let my hair blow in the breeze and not away in the breeze.  Thank God for suction.  I’m so glad I met Jon Fortgang at the NAAF Conference.  Now I have peace of mind

Bob, CT

I have been wearing a NuTech hair system since January 1998.  This system is very easy to put on at the start of each day.  It takes me about five minutes to put on the system and style my hair in the morning.  This is actually less time it took when I had a full head of hair.  The soft vac cap is unbelievably comfortable and I can wear the system from 6 a.m. until midnight without any discomfort whatsoever.  I do not use any adhesive tape and find the system stays firmly on my head even in windy conditions or when I play sports, such as basketball or golf.  I was concerned that this soft vacuum cap would be hot in the summertime.  In fact this cap is cooler to me than a mesh-type cap with adhesive tapes which I wore previously.  This cap is also warmer in the winter than a mesh cap which is a nice combination.  The quality of the hair and the cap is excellent and the system looks very natural.  I have received many compliments from friends who know I have Alopecia and have many acquaintances that don’t realize that I wear a hair system.  This system is also easy to maintain as I have washed it many times on my head while taking a shower.  I would recommend this hair system to anyone who needs a total hair prosthesis.

Joanne, CT

Alopecia Universalis had taken over my existence for several years.  However, since purchasing this product my life has returned to a more normal existence.  There isn’t much I can’t do without feeling confident.  Activities are no longer a problem including boating and walking in the wind.  My confidence level is back and most importantly, Alopecia does not control me anymore.  It is 18 months since I first received my NuTech and its durability and quality has remained constant.  Care and maintenance of this product is minimal and compliments are abundant.  The comfort level is superior to anything I have had to wear before.  If one has to deal with such a distraction in life like Alopecia, this is the way to deal with it best.

Rick, NY

I’ve had Alopecia for about 30 years.  I’ve tried about 5 different hair salons without being completely satisfied with their product.  I went from synthetic to natural hair and still there was always something I didn’t feel comfortable about.  Don’t get me wrong!  Some of the people in these places were terrific and really tried to satisfy me but they could only do as good as their product allowed.  When I first came to you it was to fix the piece I already had.  It was a little uncomfortable for me as I was bringing you a piece someone else had made for me and needed some fill in work.  Your girls and you made me feel right at home.  I knew I had made a good choice.  When you asked me if I wanted to make a new one, I told you I couldn’t afford you.  I was wrong.  You understood my problem and I could see you were truly interested in my welfare.  You have a good heart Jon.  Also, by you having the best piece, it didn’t hurt.  People have stopped staring at me as if I had a neon sign screaming “wig.”  In public, I feel much more comfortable and people who know me how great it looks and would never know I wear one.  Again Jon, I thank you and the girls for your kindness, sincerity and understanding you showed me.  I feel I could not have made a better choice.  A blessing on you.

Vera, MA

Dear Jon,

I wanted to thank you for my NuTech hair unit.  When I came to your office you asked me what I was looking for in a hair unit.  My answer to you was I would like my own, but that’s not possible, so I want something that would look and feel like my own.  I said I wanted to be able to put my hair up in a ponytail!  When I received my NuTech vacuum unit it far exceeded my expectations!  People at work who know I have Alopecia always comment on how great the NuTech unit looks.  I can even pull my hair up in a ponytail not just pulled back.  Notice I said my hair, meaning the vacuum unit feels so comfortable it is the next best to having my own hair back.  Jon, again many thanks!

Dorothy, MI

After reviewing my National Alopecia Newsletter, I read about this NuTech prosthesis.  I was tired of buying wigs that looked like a wig and a bird nest on top of my head.  I decided to make an appointment and to try this NuTech out.  Although there is extra time in making this prosthesis, the wait is worth it.  My customized prosthesis fits me like a glove and I am always receiving compliments about, “Your hair looks great!”  With this vacuum unit I feel a sense of security that my hairpiece will not fall off.  It remains in place by suction and it feels like my own skin.  Thank you New Hair Technology for making me look natural again.