NuTech Vacuum Prosthesis

The all-new, feather-weight NuTech is the most natural-looking, easily maintained prosthesis available today!

What makes NuTech so unique is the process by which it is constructed. The materials used allow the cap to expand and contract, creating a vacuum effect. The cap is exceptionally thin and rests very close to the skin. Our prosthesis even allows you to feel the sensation on your scalp when brushing your hair; the only weight is the hair itself. The translucent base is remarkably imperceptible to both sight and touch and looks and feels like a second skin.

Only the finest human hair is meticulously selected by color, texture, hair density, length and movement, and is custom crafted to the highest standards. Hygienically, NuTech is as easy to care for as natural hair. Each prosthesis is hand-crafted to produce the closest look and feel to a natural head of hair for all men, women and children.

NuTech is the most natural-looking, comfortable hair replacement available today.

The Hugger™ Wig

Introducing The New Hugger™
Lighter – Cooler – Multi-Directional – Undetectable

The Hugger™ Wig Our Newest Technology  now available to you!

Our new Hugger™ Wig is as light as a feather, yet maintains a firm but gentle hold onto your scalp, giving you more confidence to live life as it was meant to be lived.

Our construction technology uses materials that allow the cap to expand and contract, creating a hugging effect. The cap was designed to be exceptionally thin and lies very close to the scalp. Its fineness allows outside sensations to penetrate through to your scalp, resulting in a natural non-wig-like feel.

We select only top quality hair, superior in color, texture, and sheen. Custom-crafted to fit your precise measurements, NuHair’s Hugger™ Wig supplies movement, style, and grace to its clients that include men, women, and children from all over the globe.

The New Hugger™ Wig is the most natural-looking, cooler and comfortable hair replacement available today.