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Would I be able to be reimbursed for my vacuum wig from my medical insurance?2015-07-09T04:35:02+00:00

If you would like to pursue reimbursement by your insurance company for the necessary wig, it is advisable that you have:

  • A prescription by your doctor for a medical cranial prosthesis.
  • A letter of medical necessity for a cranial prosthesis from your doctor.
  • A copy of a bill stating medical cranial prosthesis from the provider of the prosthesis.

New Hair Technology will be happy to assist you with all documentation.

What can I do about my loss of eyebrows?2015-07-09T04:33:54+00:00

As with lashes, eyebrows can also be replaced with a variety of cosmetics, such as eyebrow pencils – see our guide (link to guide from NuHair curriculum) that will stay on for long periods of time. In addition, there are removable eyebrow tattoos that will stay on for several days. Permanent eyebrow tattoos are also available, but we highly recommend that you only use the services of an accredited technician for this particular process.

What if I have lost my eyelashes?2015-07-09T04:33:38+00:00

If you have lost your eyelashes, you should protect your eyes from airborne objects by wearing glasses or sunglasses when possible. Proper sunglasses will also protect sensitive eyes from excessive sunlight.

Since eyelashes normally prevent dust, pollen, and other objects from getting into the eyes, you should consider using false eyelashes, (available either in a strip format or as individual lashes) which can be applied by a professional make-up artist.

How can I schedule a consultation?2016-11-07T18:26:03+00:00

Our consultations are always private and complimentary. We are also able to conduct a “virtual consultation” via Skype for our out-of-town clients, but this is just the first step because all fittings must be done in person to insure the customized service we are known for. Click here (link to Jon’s email) to contact us for a consultation.

What makes a NuTech prosthesis different from other prostheses?2015-07-09T04:31:58+00:00

Vacuum wigs are composed of two elements, the base and the hair. The base is made of either a silicone material or, as with NuTech, materials that impart a feeling to the scalp that is close to that of a second skin.

The hair or fibers can be composed of human or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is less expensive, but is not as durable or as natural in color and texture as human hair, and is not as heat resistant. Human hair can be processed or unprocessed.

Unprocessed hair is the most expensive, but is the finest quality hair. Processed hair is less expensive, more susceptible to oxidation and breakage, and is not as luxurious in color and texture.

The NuTech vacuum prosthesis uses the finest quality unprocessed hair in our proprietary base that fits closer to the skin than any other prosthesis

What makes Nu Tech vacuum wig prostheses different from standard wigs?2015-07-09T04:31:33+00:00

A wig is manufactured using a nylon or polyester mesh. Wigs can be custom-made or pre-made. Wigs can be worn by anyone regardless of the amount of hair loss.

Prostheses are molded and shaped specifically to the head of the individual, and can only be worn with total hair loss or a completely shaven head.

Wigs are very durable, last a long time, and are sometimes more affordable. However, they do not always form well to the head, must be attached with tape, and the base can be visible.

How do I care for my Nu Tech hairpiece?2015-07-09T04:31:09+00:00

For proper maintenance of our vacuum wigs, start at the ends of the hair and gently comb or brush in a downward motion, working your way up until you reach the top of the unit. We recommend that you use a wide-tooth comb or brushes that minimize breakage.

Shampooing: Clean vacuum wigs every 12-15 days or as needed. We recommend using a rubber mannequin that is slightly smaller than the NuTech unit. Small t-pins should be used to attach the unit to the mannequin head. Then, apply shampoo by working gently from the base to the ends of the hair, doing so in one DOWNWARD DIRECTION ONLY. To rinse, run warm tap water through your unit from top to bottom.  -OR- If you do not have the recommended rubber mannequin head: Dilute a small amount of shampoo in a basin of warm water. Gently draw the hair unit through the solution, keeping hair movement in one direction. Drain water and rinse the hair unit with warm water. Make sure that the hair is moving in the same direction.

Conditioning:  While the vacuum wig is still wet, apply conditioner with your fingers throughout the unit, concentrating at the ends. Leave in for a few minutes and then rinse with warm tap water running through the unit from top to bottom. -OR-  After shampooing the unit, “pat” your hair with a dampened friction-free absorbent towel to remove excess water. Pour a small amount of conditioner into your hands and gently pull through the hair (keep the hair flowing in the same direction). Let the conditioner penetrate the hair for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm tap water.

Styling: Remove excess water from your vacuum wig unit by patting dry with a towel. Do not rub dry. Secure your unit on the mannequin head. Comb or brush to a desired style and allow to air dry.

To add volume to your hair, use a roller brush as you blow dry. Blow dryer should be set to MEDIUM TEMPERATURE ONLY. Never over-dry or use a blow dryer with more than 600 watts. Remember to BRUSH GENTLY from bottom to top.

How long does it take to make a NuTech vacuum wig?2015-07-09T04:29:05+00:00

It takes approximately 4 months to make Nu Tech vacuum wigs from the making of the mold to total completion.

How is my Nu Tech hair replacement unit designed?2016-11-07T18:26:03+00:00

First, a plaster mold is made, so your vacuum wigs will fit you perfectly. Then the finest human hair is meticulously selected by color and texture. The selected hair is then hand tied (not machine injected) in the translucent base to imitate the way hair flows naturally, and is custom-crafted to the highest standards. You’ll find that our prosthesis is thinner and lighter than any other soft or hard bases, and contours beautifully to the head providing a secure, comfortable fit.

Why is a Vacuum wig better?2016-11-07T18:26:03+00:00

A good option for people experiencing hair loss is a vacuum wig for a number of reasons.

It is custom-made, meaning that a mold will be made of your head to insure a good fit.
The prosthesis will stay on due to its vacuum type suction.
It is extremely comfortable to wear because it is lightweight and feels like your own scalp.
Nu Tech Vacuum wigs use an excellent quality of hair.
They have a very natural appearance. Nu Tech’s proprietary wig cap is translucent, giving it a scalp-like look.


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